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BIM Coordinator Job

BIM Coordinator


  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • 12 12 2018

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Validate the BIM standards during design and construction stages

Extensive knowledge of BIM software (Revit, Navisworks,Aecosim, BIM 360, Dynamo)

Extensive knowledge of BIM level 2 documents, protocols and requirements

Extensive knowledge of 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D BIM standards and software. (6D software and standards, BASIR, AIM, AIR, CAFM and COBie are mandatory)

Extensive knowledge of classification systems that can be used to organise information throughout all aspects of the design and construction process

Extensive knowledge of Data formats that can facilitate interoperability between different software systems (native format and common format)

Supervise and facilitate the BIM modellers work and prepare project specific training documentation, Project MEP, BIM BOQ and BIM QC checklist

Ensure all models are compatible and BIM data is available to all project participants

Collaborate with the design team, sub consultant team, contractor team and sub contractor team to identify BIM issues and communicate procedural changes

BIM coordination and daily management of BIM data sets/ workflows and project set up

Technical management of project BIM data sets

Manage and maintain project content and source additional content for project teams

Provide one to one mentoring on BIM Best Practice workflows to project teams as required

To contribute in the BIM production and the design is required






➤Bachelor of Degree in Structural Engineering, Mechanical engineering or Electrical Engineering
➤In depth knowledge of BIM Software
➤Experience of working in a project coordination role (more than 3 years)

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