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Blog Article - Health Tips for Jobseekers


1. Exercise

According to a recent clinical study, exercise was found to improve immune function, anti-depressive response, and sleep quality in patients with chronic insomnia.

So, if you’re losing sleep over job-search anxiety, exercise is key.

2. Fill up on fruits, veggies, and vitamins

It’s okay to treat yourself occasionally, but if you want long lasting energy, try to consume fresh produce daily.  Start taking a multivitamin and an immune support supplement for an extra boost during stressful times

3.  Visit a doctor

Though technology gives us plenty of tools to get the information we need to self-diagnose and self-cure, nothing replaces going to see a real doctor. Regular check-ups could prevent a health crisis that causes weeks of setbacks.

Plus, knowing for sure that you’re in good health will provide much-needed peace of mind during your job search.

4.  Get more sleep

Sleep deprivation decreases energy, concentration and speed of thought. During your job search, those traits should be at their peak! Take care to sleep at least seven to eight hours each night.  Listen to your body. When you’re exhausted, go to bed — even if it means leaving the party early. It might not feel like it affects you as much in the short-term, but after several months of staying up until 4 a.m., you’ll start to feel less alert and healthy.

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