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Commercial Manager


  • DUBAI, United Arab Emirates
  • 30 10 2018

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The Commercial Manager provides commercial, contractual, planning and technical assistance to the VP Projects & Commercial. The Commercial Manager also keeps the VP informed of ongoing project activities and potential risk on a regular basis and helps manage project components and administer contracts on a day-to-day basis.


Job Description:


Assist the VP Projects & Commercial to establish project administration procedures for development management, commercial, planning, procurement and financial integration.

Assist the VP Projects & Commercial and the respective development stakeholders in managing the various components of projects.

Participate in managing interfaces between consultants, contractors and suppliers of each development with the objective of company achieving its profit development objectives.

Coordinate and work closely with the Company’s various Departments (Sales, Marketing, Legal, Finance, Projects, Business Development Managers, etc) that have a link to the development projects.

Advise the Senior Management on any identified operating risks, poor performance, required remedial actions, claims, variation orders issues for further action.

Keep abreast of business and technical developments in the building / construction industry as a basis for planning and managing change, and ensuring the Company’s success and business viability against competition.

Monitor market conditions and changes in the business environment to assist the Company in making judgments about changes or adaptations to development plans.

Co-ordinate, manage and control the planning, legal, contract, procurement, commercial, etc., functions throughout the construction process of the Company’s developments to ensure the overall programme, budget and development concept are all achieved and delivered as planned.

Monitor progress of development projects regularly, liaising closely with other Departments to enable the phases of the project such as the land acquisition, infrastructure, marketing, pricing and construction to progress smoothly in accordance with the approved development plan.

Participate in meetings as required.

Manage the day to day tasks that the Commercial Team are required to carry out

Monitor performance of Staff under Commercial Manager’s direct management and give them the necessary directives, mentoring and training as and when required.



Assist in the preparation of the approved Development’s project brief and budget.

Assist in presenting design developments to company management for final decisions pertaining to design, quality, price, market profile and commercial structure.

Responsible for the preparation of the Tender Documents for the appointment of Consultants.

Contribute to objective selection criteria for appointment of consultants and evaluation of performance.

Assist in short listing Consultants prior to the issue of the design tender.

Participate in Consultant evaluation during tender / design bid process.

Assist in managing design development to ensure agreement with approved development brief, concept design and budgets.

Attend design and development meetings as necessary.

Review designs and propose changes to reduce cost, increase saleable / rentable space to maximize revenue and creditability.

Assist in managing design development within agreed project budget.

Assist with compilation of design variation report to the VP Projects & Commercial addressing commercial and time implications.



Work alongside Legal department to prepare contract agreements and bond wording for the appointment of Consultants and Contractors; and amend regionally and project specific.

Manage and assist in the preparation and compilation of contract documentation for Consultants and Contractors.

Issue required appointment letters and contracts to Consultants, Contractors and Suppliers on behalf of the Company.

Review and approve all consultants’ agreements, contracts, sub-contracts and all legal agreements before release by the Company or its Consultants to a third party and before signature by management.

Commercially review and analyze Extensions of Time and Claims received from Consultants and Contractors to the VP Projects & Commercial for discussion and approval or rejection.

Review all insurances and manage the approval and placement process with the Company’s insurance advisor.

Review and approve all correspondence of a contractual nature in relation to the execution of the projects



Manage and assist with design and construction budgets for each project and monitor same to ensure cost effectiveness and maximum return on investment.

Assist in identifying tender list for the procurement of Consultants, Contractors, Nominated Sub-Contractors, Suppliers, etc.

Manage and assist with tenders / design bid documentation for invitation of Consultants.

Manage and assist with tender documentation for Contractors and Nominated Sub-Contractors.

Manage and assist with tender processes of Consultants, Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Suppliers, etc., and prepare and issue tender reports to the Director.

Manage the Company tender approval processes for Consultants, Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Suppliers, etc., tender awards for timely placements of contracts.

Develop a procurement strategy with the appointed Consultants and assist in the preparation of generic contracts and documentation for the project.

Investigate alternative procurement contracts for Main Contract, e.g., Cost plus fixed margin, target Cost with profit share, GMP, etc.

Review tender documents submitted by the Consultants prior to release to third parties.

Participate in negotiations with selected tenderers, review cost engineering for budget compliance.

Receive, assess and process interim and final payments to Consultants and Contractors.

Receive, review and report to the VP Projects & Commercial on all variations and claims related to the development projects.

With the Finance / Accounts Department, develop and implement cost control systems and financial reports that can be correlated to the project budget, revenue and costs.

Manage project expenditure against agreed project budget in order to achieve approved project budget.

Manage he commercial team to prepare the monthly commercial reports for each project



Assist in the preparation of a co-ordinated Project Master Schedule.

Monitor the progress of the projects in conjunction with the Project Managers’.

Review the planning and programming activities for design, procurement and construction with the Project Manager and the Consultant, undertaking regular reviews of progress and delays, periodic programme adjustments for timely completion.

Monitor all Submittals, Variation Requests and Site Instruction, and recommend suitable amendments to ensure budget(s) are maintained and risk is mitigated

Commercially manage with technical review from the project managers the performance and compliance of the Consultants according to the Scope of Services and their contractual obligations.

Review Consultants and Contractors reports and ensure timely completion for monthly management reporting.

Attend regular project meetings to review design, progress, programming, costs, etc. 

Where possible provide technical advice, ideas and time and cost saving creative options to the Development Team.

Guide, motivate and develop subordinates to work together as a team and provide high levels of performance.

Ensure the Consultants timely notification of delaying events likely to cause Extensions of Time and / or Claims by Contractors.

Assist the Project Management team to acquaint themselves with the Contract Documents for all Consultants and Contractors, and issue copies as necessary.


➤Can provide commercial, contractual, planning and technical assistance to the VP Projects & Commercial
➤Well experienced of ongoing project activities and potential risk on a regular basis and helps manage project components and administer contracts on a day-to-day basis
➤Currently available in UAE and willing to work in Dubai

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